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Wishlist Wednesday

Everyone has a list. I have a list of all of the nail polishes and fragrances I want, all of my goals, the places I would like to go in the world… I am adding one more to my collection of lists. My Wishlist Wednesday will be a curated list of all the things I need, want and wish for in my life. No not flashy cars and a holiday house somewhere in Italy, this is a list of more attainable wants beauty, design, food and fitness related. So here is the first instalment of Wishlist Wednesday.

In no particular order here is this weeks 10

1. Lululemon Dancing Warrior Tank

2. Wellington Chocolate Factory Madagascar Somia Plantation 70% Chocolate

3. Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

4. Nomad Nutrition Three Day Cleanse

5. Rapid Fitness Health Leggings Geo

6. Mod Lacquer  Zero Point Holographic Nail Polish

7. Tarte Rainforest After Dark Coloured Clay Eye and Cheek Palette

8. Tailor Skincare Minis

9. Too Faced  The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette

10. Babe Scrub No.2 Coffee Scrub

CLICK HERE to view the list on Luvocracy, it will link you to the product websites and you can purchase them with one click!  *handy* or click the link on the  Harris & Co. Blog’s homepage!

Rochelle x


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