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Brightening up my home – Splash of Green

“We have a beautiful fireplace, ever since we moved in  I have had the vision of having a big fluffy rug in front of the fire with colourful cushions, great company, a winter night and a bottle of wine…maybe just a little bit 70’s”

So……with the purchase of a giant rug for in front of the fire I am gathering ideas for a pop of green in the living room, I can’t wait! It looks like a big fluffy green pea! So I decided to put together some ideas that would carry the green accent colour through the room. I didn’t want to pick just one colour as picking a few colours gives more depth to the space and gives you a broader palette to work with. Most of the products are from New Zealand retailers as I think it is so important to support local talent. A few things are from online such as the Bottom’s Up Bar Shelf from Anthropologie and the white ceramic hanging wall plants from

I wanted a mixture of textures, but keeping to a similar colour theme as the room is quite large and there is a lot of wall and floor space to be covered. Because the house is quite traditional, I thought doing a modern painted feature wall would take away from the classic aesthetic already going on. I also knew it would be quite hard to find the perfect green to match the existing wall colour and something that wasn’t to repulsive. Hence why I have a focus more on soft furnishings, wall hangings and accent pieces. I am yet to find some funky art prints or some unique green toned material that I can make canvas art out of.

Here is the overall Moodboard I made to go with the fluffy pea rug:


These babies are a selection of my favourite items I have found and that I absolutely must own.

download (1)

This includes:

Meeka Comforter From Freedom Furniture $169

Hexagonal wall planters from  $41

Bottoms Up Bar Shelf From Anthropologie $298

Ghanaian Baskets From Republic Home $73.90

House Candle Holder Set In Copper from $39.90

Banga Cushion In Green 50×50 cm From Freedom Furniture $34.95

Happy Weekend!

Rochelle x

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