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The soul book project

I have been terribly slack this week I am getting use to my university life again an he new responsibilities of being a blogger.

This week I decided to start The Soul Book Project. I have been seeing heaps if great and inspiring stuff being posted through social media. Quotes are so powerful and I always want to share that with friends. I thought what better way to share wisdom, inspiration, positivity and encouragement than through something special an handmade.

As a design student in my last year it is becoming important to know who we are as a designer and what inspires us and I thought this would help me to do that.

I have been collection quotes for my soul book for over a week. Once I have 50 quotes I am going to collate them and make and design a book which I will give to one of my friends.

The Soul Book Project was my idea to spread a bit more goodness to other people and making a book is such a unique way to communicate with someone too. Don’t get me wrong I love social media but nothin beats something gorgeous, handmade and created with thought.

I hope you will join me to spread inspiration and positivity to others that you know. I would really love to know your favourite quotes and if you decide to participate I encourage you to share with me what you have made.

Post your pics to Instagram and hashtag #harrisandcoblog #soulbookproject you never know I may have goodies! 🙂

Have a great night

Rochelle x



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