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Found On Friday


Photo Credit: Kari Herer (photo linked to website)

A Found On Friday Round Up! A bunch of amazing things I have found this week on the webisphere ! So excited that its Friday !

Number One : I Found out about this super cool app through the beautiful team at Clementine Daily and I had to Re-share to you too !  This Meditation App trumps all. I love the check in check out feautre and that this app allows you to reflect. Nameste 🙂

Number Two: Need some unique beautiful clothing?? I have got THIS on The way from Free People!

Number Three: Relax and put your feet up this weekend and sip a bright and sunny brew! After Visting my sister for a cup of tea, it is safe to say she has found my new favourite!

Number Four: Purchase something functional, colourful and arty for your home !

Number Five: Don’t forget some wicked wall art !

Tell me what you think! Which one would you have in your life. Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great weekend !!

Rochelle x

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