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Wishlist Wednesday 2.0

After a very long day today I have finally complied this weeks list …. I really want these things in my life !!! It’s a bit of a mixed bag this week but every single product is so awesome. So lets get down to business and eleborate!

1. Hopeless Lingerie Limited Edtion Dionne Knickers – They are a bit saucy but I really love this Melbourne based companies hand made pieces. This one needs to be in my underwear draw ASAP

2. Wonderland & Honolulu Party Palms Pant – So goregous and light-weight, need these and a holiday on a tropical island #dreaming

3. #Girlboss Nasty Girl – Have heard raving reviews about this pink gem of a book! everyone needs a bit of empowerment in their lives this is my next purchase pay day pending!

4. Arrow Divine Crystal Light Leather Choker- I don’t normally do bling but my inner minimalist is screaming that I must have this in my life and around my neck at all times

5. Bosu Ball Complete Training System – Strange gym device I have been using, would love to get one at home and follow the Bosu program

Click on the picture to browse and buy off the Wishlist …..OR you can follow the link at the bottom of the page x

superstarHappy Hump Day !!

Rochelle x

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