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Quick Healthy Snack At your Desk in 10 minutes!

Ever in need of a delicious and filling snack while your on the go? This simple combo will keep you full for hours and give you the fuel to power through your workload!

This snack doesn’t require cooking for hours on end, just a little bit of mix and combine and serve. I always struggle to eat when I am on the go especially something healthy, tasty and easy. So the following idea is a great healthy way to snack.

I have used Huntley and Palmers Sesame Seed Crackers. Most supermarkets stock these. They have no flavouring, salt or pepper so the sodium content is lower making them more healthier. Spread your crackers onto a plate and then spread light cream cheese on them, this is the base, alternatively you can you for something else.  On The first set of crackers I have added Mashed Avocado then added salt and pepper. I love Avocados they are fibrous and have plenty of Vitamin C and B-6 the good fats also do wonders for your skin. I have made other set with pesto, low-fat salami and sliced tomatoes. Last but not least is the classic tomato and cream cheese cracker they remind me of camping in summer!

The best thing about crackers as you can mix and match them, if you have a gluten intolerance you can swap regular crackers out for a gluten-free option, choose your favourite spreads, sauces, vegetables and meats. I am not a sandwich person so I personally think crackers are divine. I love packing crackers in my bag with ingredients separately so I have time to construct something on the go between classes etc.

This only took me 10 minutes to create and sustained me for hours. I wouldn’t recommend having cream cheese on crackers all the time but we all deserve a treat every now and then! I had this with a cup of Clipper green tea. Clippers is a great brand and I love their cool packaging. I am running out of My White  My West Highland Terrier Puppy Chloe was also very interested in my snack as she loves multigrain crackers !

Look after your hardworking souls and nourish yourself with a delicious snack! You can make more if you want this as a lunch substitute. I had 6 crackers as a good-sized snack. I also love this snack as I can eat one-handed and still be able to type, workaholic or what? I hope to have more of a recipe type post up soon, put for the meantime I hope you enjoy these yummy cracker ideas. I would love to know what your fave combo is!

Have a great week 🙂



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