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Pink, Glittery, Magical nails with cats !

There’s nothing like a pretty mani to brighten up your mood, so this week I tried some adorable nail transfers By Hello Harriet. !!!!

Normally I don’t fuss over my nails but they needed some serious TLC. This required pretty colours on them so they didn’t look so sad. I opted for a pink called Marcia Marcia Marcia by Chichi, two nail polishes from Sephora by OPI (now discontinued) the Grey was Break a Leg Warmer and Lilac Glittery Pink Was Its Bouquet By Me.

The nail transfers were of the feline variety 40 crazy furry little cats. I am talking about the fat grumpy smoochy kind! I have never used transfers before and after using these I can’t believe how easy it is. I will be making more of a conscious effort to do my nails now!

First I applied OPI base coat to all of my nails, then 2 coats of the Chichi nail polish and two coats of the grey on my accent nails. After letting my nails fully dry I cut out around the cats I wanted to apply.

Then took the plastic shield off the transfer and placed face down on my nail. I placed a wet paper towel over my nail and held for about twenty seconds. I was careful to make sure that the transfer was quiet damp to allow for a perfect transfer. I then slowly peeled of he transfer paper to reveal that a kitty cat had been placed on my nail.

I swiped over the nail making sure the transfer was smooth and stuck on, then cleaned up around the nail and applied OPI top coat. I also applied the glitter polish as a second accent nail followed by my top coat.

All up this took around 20 minutes and it is probably the most sassiest manicure I have ever done.

Hello Harriet Nail Transfers come in all different animals and there are 40 animal heads per pack. They also come in temporary tattoos how 90’s !


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Bye for now

Rochelle x

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