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Happy Skin: The 5 minute DIY scrub for summer

 Can I make my own body scrub that’s more effective and cheaper than buying it?

 That’s what thought crossed my mind last week, resulting in a super-dooper post that I am so excited to share with you!

Summer is just around the corner and dull winter skin was not fit for the light of day. So I decided to banish the dull and bring the shiney healthy summer skin. I could of splurged and brought a delicious scrub from my favourite brands including Sukin and Pure Fiji but I decided I would give it a go myself how hard could it be?

So I firstly trawled pinterest for inspiration and the result was a mega combo of all of the recipes that I had found online minus the ever popular coffee grounds as I didn’t have any around the house.

As well as trawling pinterest I found all of the pottles and jars of empty products that I have finished that I kept for this very purpose. I found three pottle jar container things to put the finished product in so I could keep it in the shower and not have to make a batch up every time I wanted a full body exfoliation.

The marvellous creation was a smoosh, combo, mixture, potion of all the wonderous things I had in my pantry including white sugar, Coarse sea salt, ground sea salt, brown sugar, green tea, lemon juice and olive oil.


The rough amounts for the recipes follow I added these in the order they are listed.

White sugar ½ cup

Coarse sea salt ¼ cup

Ground sea salt (out of the grinder) a few generous grinds

Brown sugar ½ cup

Green tea the contents out of 4 teabags alternatively you can use a couple of teaspoons of loose green tea

Lemon juice ½ a lemon

Olive oil add in small amounts, stir into mixture stop when mixture has a crumbly texture and is starting to stick together

If the mixture is too oily just add more of the dry ingredients using same rations as recipe. Mix well with spoon and then grab a container or small pottles and fill keep them in a dry place ( I have mine in the bathroom cupboard) and have one in the shower ready to go!

The consistency of the scrub was great and unlike other scrubs I have heard of and also used you get minimal product falling onto the shower floor, it sticks together well and adheres to the skin for a long scrub. The great thing about this scrub is the multiple textures from the different ingredients. This makes the scrub long lasting and at the same time no to harsh. I accidentally got some in my mouth and I didn’t die it just tasted sweet and salty!!


This is perfect for a quick fix, gift or scrub on a budget. Homemade scrubs are like smoothies you can mix match and add different ingredients. You could add an essential oil for smell, I’m thinking of adding a few drops of mandarin oil for a summery fragrance! Use coconut or almond oil instead of olive, add oats to combat dry skin, more green tea for a stronger skin detox the combinations are endless.

You have to try it. Have a great evening!

Rochelle x

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