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Pastel Summers

Summer is on its way and I wanted to celebrate with a little bit of a cute dusky pink mood board!

I think its safe so say that anyone can rock the slouchy T-shirt and jeans look. I am vibing the peachy toned, pastel and light colours this season. Awesome colours to make those summer tans pop.

I love J Crew jeans as they always have such a variety of cuts to chose from. I have just scored some sweet second hand jeans of the roll up kind which I have worn two days in a row because I adore them! Plus they are trending right now.

I also think these ASOS sandals are a must to have as a basic wardrobe staple as they are great for creating a casual look and are perfect for the beach.

You could also never go wrong with the amazing products from Urban Decay I have the Naked Skin Beauty Balm which is a universal shade which has a sheer tint and gives you a demi-matte finish.

Because I have drier skin currently I love using this over my moisturiser for extra hydration. It provides a light coverage which is good if you want a bit of colour correction or achieve the no-makeup-makeup look.

Speaking of hydration we all have to keep our skin looking extra lush come summer time ! This Eva Solo water bottle is your fantastic minimalist designed water bottle, its made from BPA-plastic! This means that it contains no bisphenol, phthalates or heavy metals that could leach into your water so healthy all round.

Oh and last but not least how cute are these Nasty Girl Sunglasses ! Retro + Pink = amazing they are definitely on my wishlist to buy!

Thats all from me !!

Rochelle x

Pastel Summers

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