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The Amazing Trilogy Everything Balm Reformulated!

I was pleasantly surprised about receiving the reformulated Trilogy Everything Balm. The packaging is really cute using an orange, red and pink scheme with insects, perfectly summer themed. What’s even more important is that it’s packed full of new ingredients. Pawpaw fruit extract is new to the formulation; rich in phytochemicals, which provide antibacterial and skin healing benefits. Echinacea is another new addition which promotes skin healing, skin texture and defence against environmental stresses. Also new is a coconut oil base which adds further antibacterial properties to help heal and repair. It also makes the balm more solid to the touch. Rich in nourishing essential fatty acids, it also creates a natural barrier against moisture loss.


The reformulation of this product is great and the new tin is sturdier and safer to take in my hand bag with me versus their old glass pottles. The bonus is it smells even more delicious than before !

I haven’t used this Trilogy product before and I was excited to try it and implement it into my existing Trilogy skincare routine as soon as I got it I put it on my horrible windburnt lips and I must say my lips lapped up every last bit of it, so it’s safe to say I’m completely in love with it. I went absolutely ballistic with it there is not one ailment or body part you can’t put it on. I have had this through my hair as a conditioner and texturiser, on my face as a moisturiser, on my lips as a balm and on my hands and nails!

This product is true to its name, my partner who was unsure about the smell was amazed at how many uses this product had. I am surprised with this product as my experience with using balms as many other brands I have used have left me with a sticky and greasy mess long after applying. I was super worries about using this on my face for that exact reason but I had no sheen or stickiness.EB_95&45 TIN & BOX_HR_REF (1)

Overall I would say that if you want to try this product you have to be brave and go beyond your comfort zone. It will replace so many products you have. Don’t be scared of using it for EVERYTHING! Check back soon to see how I have implemented this product into my existing Trilogy skincare routine.

PS. even my puppy loved it so much she decided she would try it too! :/ Even more of a reason to grab some.


Did I mention the price point? Trilogy Everything Balm at an affordable price of $24.90 (45ml) or $39.90 (95ml)

Happy hump day!
Rochelle x


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