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Top 5 Pure Fiji Products Perfect for all seasons!

Pure Fiji

Winter months have gone but I still dream Of Fiji. Lets rewind a fair few months back when a winter tropical getaway took me to Fiji. I am no stranger to the countries amazing little secret Pure Fiji. Pure Fiji is a range of products made from fresh and natural ingredients such as coconut. The range is really comprehensive and is doing Fiji proud. I am going to take you through my top 5 favourites in the range! So read on to discover more.


  1. Pure Fiji Sugar Scrub in one word divine! Perfect to scrub away that tired dull winter skin or for a Pedi! The consistency or this product is what made it the best for me I am always looking for a gritty exfoliator that isn’t harsh but doesn’t melt away before I get my scrubby scrubby on and this is it. It also moisturises your new glowy skin with the coconut extract.


  1. Pure Fiji Exotic Oil. This baby is the Fijian multi-tasking princess! Lather it on your skin, hair, face, pop it in the bath and use as a moisturiser it is a great multi purpose product and the best thing is that a little goes a long way I have a small bottle and it has lasted me all year!!!!


  1. Pure Fiji Lemongrass Insect Repellent. Literally saved my life in Fiji! This yummy smelling formula won’t leave you smelling like a mosquito bomb and you wont get all sticky and gross like you do with your deet filled tropical strength insect repellents. I was sceptical about trying a natural product to rid the mozzies but this quite possibly worked better than supermarket brands.


  1. Pure Fiji Hydrating Mist. Spray this and you will literally say humma-na-humma-na! Perfect for after the shower and would be perfect in summer also for a splash of hydration and long-lasting fragrance.


  1. Pure Fiji Conditioner. My mission in life is to find a fab hair conditioner preferably natural as I find my hair grows faster using natural shampoos. This is the big daddy boss of all conditioners. I leave it in for about 5 mins and boom my hair is like silk!


Pure Fiji has a wide range of amazing scents each product comes in: coconut, gingerlilly, pineapple, passionflower, starfruit, milk and honey, frangipani, island bliss, guava and last but not least my favourite scents which are orange blossom and mango.

These products are remind me of being on holiday when I’m sitting at home in Wellington. They are the perfect pick-me-up and I totally recommend getting a treatment from Beaute on Taranaki in Wellington or the Wonderful Equipoise Spa Health & Beauty in Auckland.

If I have inspired you to try some of the delectable products head to the Pure Fiji Online shop the link is provided below.

Pure Fiji store

Pure Fiji on Facebook 

Beaute spa Group

Equipoise Spa Health And Beauty

Rochelle x


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