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Plantae Hydrate Rose Essential Water Review

Skin playing tricks on you? To busy to keep up? My skin has been playing tricks on me over the last couple of weeks. Finishing off my degree has put me into a huge stressful and busy spin and my poor skin has suffered big time! Pimples, dry skin and flakiness has been plaguing me. Lack of hydration and stress is to blame.

As I have gotten further away from my teens my skin has gone from hyper oily to quite dehydrated something I’m still trying to get my head around. When I got the opportunity to try Plantae I thought it would be the perfect product to implement into my skincare regime as I was already using products with rosehip.

Plantae Hydrate Rose Essential Water smells divine. I love spritzing this before I put my moisturiser right after I get out of the shower. It does a great job of hydrating and balancing the skin and has a range of ingredients that provide anti-ageing, hydrating, calming and anti-inflammatory benefits. This product has a lovely rose smell and can also be spritzed over makeup, which I do when I need a bit of a refresh or if my face is getting a bit dry during the day. Plantae Hydrate Rose Essential Water is Certified Organic, which makes my heart totally happy. It does a great job of clearing surface impurities and blemishes while providing a boost of hydration. This product has been great for me as it has helped so much with calming my skin down and keeping my skins ph and moisture levels balanced, which is really important especially when you are trying to heal the skin.


This product is a perfect Summer Essential and can be your perfect travel buddy. Because the product is in a pump form it wont leak which is a super bonus in my books and because it has ingredients specifically selected for anti-ageing antioxidant and skin rejuvenating properties such as Pine Bark, Blackcurrant Leaf and Rose flower extracts it can be your best friend at combating dehydrated skin in summer. This would be superb after a day out in the sun or perfect for a sneaky spritz when at the beach before applying sunscreen.

I am really loving this product because the hydration that this product gives lasts me all day and sits under and over my makeup beautifully. I have better blending ability and makes my makeup look less oxidised. This would be perfect as a gift too for a mum, friend or sister.

Overall this product is a great all rounder and its a bonus that its made right here in New Zealand, Certified Organic and perfect for any age. The floral smell might not be everyones cup of tea but it is a light fragrance which is perfect for summer.

You can purchase this from the Plantae website and selected pharmacies. Right now Plantae is doing a great deal that If you purchase any product online you receive one of their sumptuous eye contour creams as a free gift with a retail value of $40.90 now that’s awesome! Check there product range out on their website and be sure to make the most of their current deal!


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