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What’s In My Bag: December Edition

I did a What’s In My Bag Post: Uni Edition a while back. I was so excited when the oppourtunity came about to do a collab tag with a bunch of wonderful bloggers which I will share their links below.

I haven’t cleaned out my bag in a while so everything had been slowly pilling up here is a roundup of the shareable and no boring contents of my bag!

1. iPad Mini
My favourite piece of technology this device is so handy for on the go tasks that require a bigger screen than my phone. Emails, blog posts and pitching my portfolio have all been recent tasks I have used my baby for. I love the size of the mini it makes it super easy to carry with me even in smaller bags.

2. A Book
I am currently reading The Start Up of You Which is a really insightful book written by the chairman and co-founder of LinkedIn which is about making your way in today’s environment and the type of entrepreneurship and skill you need to make it. It’s so interesting !

3. Sunglasses
The one day it is sunny in Wellington I seem to get caught out without my sunglasses so I carry them everywhere. They must get totally lonely in he dark depths of my bag.

4. Seeing glasses
The perks of being blind (kind of) is that I get to where my groovy Ray ban frames and look like a hot nerdy librarian. Jokes! They help me see my computer screen and words in the book I’m reading

5. Perfume
I am in love with Taylor Swifts Wonderstuck I have it in the roller ball version for easy travelling. I always run out of the door without perfume so I always have it on me.

6. Lipstick
I tend to carry to colours a night colour and a day colour. I currently have MAC Meltdown which is a sheer sparkly orange and also Karen Murrell’s new colour which is a dark berry colour.

7. Blistex
Can’t be caught with dry lips it is a phobia that me and my sister share I can’t stand having dry flaky lips! The thought of it !

6. Hand cream
The same as my lips I hate having dry hands I carry a little tube of neutrogena hand cream which is a total miracle.

7. Coin purse
Gotta have coins for the markets on the weekend and his little love heart purse always gets compliments hehe

8. Paper and pen
It’s such a mum thing but I love having a paper and pen to write down thoughts, jobs an things I need to do it helps me keep track of everything.

I hope you like what I keep in my bag comment below what you keep in yours. This has been a collaboration with #brunchclub bloggers, a Facebook group for NZ Bloggers. Check out the lovely bloggers who participated in this post below. Thanks to Jessie Carlson from Jessie and Jake for organising this collab 🙂

Rochelle x

Instagram: Jessie_jcarlson
Instagram: Harrisandcoblog
Instagram: Lauralaurablog


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