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2015 Goal Planning: How NOT to be a 2-Week Wonder

2015 has come around fast and January has flown by. As my 5 weeks of fantastic summer bliss in the Coromandel have come to an end I thought I would write about my goals and aspirations for this year. Feeling recharged, inspired and energised, I have left this post for so long not because I think it’s important to think really seriously about goals and what you want to succeed. Personally I didn’t want to rush setting my goals, the famous New Years resolutions that leave us falling into the embarrassing category of the 2-week wonders. Two week wonders – the group of people, who publicise their resolutions from the rooftops and fail, give up, stop, and use excuse two weeks in. I think the whole New Year, new goals are great but I prefer to take time to plan and think about them. People make unrealistic goals that they haven’t thought about properly and some people simply aren’t ready to commit to making a change or taking a risk.

I have set goals the way your “suppose to” the lame old SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. That shit is like a boring business approach to goals and it doesn’t work for me. I have also set goals the way that you write them like you have already done them, supposedly this is supposed to be inspiring and gratifying but why would I want to look at a list of goals like I have run 5 km, I have travelled to three different countries this year when you haven’t even done them. Backward logic?

So this year I started out on a quest, a quest for a magical well designed and thought out goals planner/ book that would guide me through the process and help me in a creative and visual way.


SO… I decided to look at the ways that I had tried, consider the ideas that I thought might work and then created my own framework to build goals off.

Firstly I am starting out with a general buzzword that I will apply to 2015. This year I will be “driven” . I have chosen this word because being driven and motivated is key to getting everything out of this year that I can possibly achieve. I want to tick everything off my goals list and to come out of 2015 satisfied with the effort I have put in.

For me motivation is sometimes an issue and I feel like that can be a burden so I have chosen the word as a personal challenge to myself and so far I feel like I am doing pretty good.

Secondly I sat down in my ME time and brainstormed all of my possible goals from 3 months ahead all the way to five years and beyond as of now. These were general goals, specific goals, personal aspirations and passions of mine that I wanted to pursue.

Obviously being a creative and self-confessed dreamer I had a lot of goals and random things I wanted to do in the near and distant future. I decided I needed to prioritise. I am keeping the original pieces of paper so I can revisit my ideas at any point in case my goals need adjusting. I circled between 1-3 goals per time frame and then decided to prioritise according to where they sat on the timeline.

I have three goals in the 3-month, 6-month and 1-3 years sections and one or two general goals in the 3-5 year and beyond section. I feel like 2-3 major goals allow you to focus equally on all goals in the timeframe. These goals to me are important to achieve but doesn’t mean I will limit myself to achieving other goals within this time. Other minor goals may be completed in my timeline but with particular focus to the goals that I have set out.IMG_1242

My goals for this year are
3 months
– working and saving
– increase the amount of writing jobs I am hired to do
– monetize my blog

6 months
– graduate !
– working at a design firm or within the industry
– freelancing work

1-3 years
– travel overseas Europe and Asia?
– start moving up the job ladder
– explore my potential business ideas when I have some money behind me

3-5 years
– own home / investment
– have own label / boutique / curative business

– senior role or partner position within a company
– babies and all the fluffy stuff

Minor/ Underlying Goals

– Get fit

– Be able to run 10km

I am planning to make an online resource that incorporates standard diary features and goal planning and reinforcement features to allow creative and other people who like me can’t operate and use the standard confines of boring old diary planners. I would really love you to take my survey so I can collect more information on what you think would make the most awesome planner in the universe tick. Please take my survey here and send the link to your friends and fellow blogger besties !

Stay tuned for a downloadable planner and goal-making guide based on your suggestions. In the meantime you can try my method I have talked about above.

Have a driven day!




  1. I think it’s really important if you have goals to break them down into baby steps. Having baby steps was one of my new year’s resolutions.

    For example:
    Identify 4 x free events/concerts for the month. Invite your friends, pack a picnic, BYO
    Do overtime at work when available
    Pick up more freelance work
    Tell current clients you available and looking forward to 2015. Check if they have anything coming up
    Ask past clients for referrals or leads to new clients
    Start a weekly automatic payment into savings account
    Pack lunch every day
    Once a month organise a pot luck dinner to save $ on dining out
    Go to the supermarket 3 days after you intended. You will be surprised at the meals you can scrape together with the ingredients that are lying around.
    Drink water instead of coffee / fizzy / juice

    • I totally agree, I just didn’t go into the breaking down stage in the post but mentioned making a list of all the stages and actionable tasks and ideas to be able to achieve you goals and aspirations. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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