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Plantae Certified Organic Skincare Roundup

Plantae Certified Organic Skincare

Plantae organic skincare range has slowly become my holy grail skincare brand over the summer period. I have been fortunate enough to have been sent some great products from the team at Bare PR and Plantae.

I have already written a previous review of Plantae’s Hydrating Essential Rose Water a must have summer essential and since then I have been taking my time to try the eye cream, cleanser and day cream of the same range. I decided to take at least few weeks to try the products so I could accurately note how they affected my skin positively or negatively. A common mistake with people trying skincare is they don’t give themselves long enough to gauge the benefits and changes that different products can have.

Ever since my battle with skin problems I never thought I would find something as calming nourishing and hydrating as the Plantae skincare range. Going natural in 2014 was my last ditched attempt at getting great skin and after trying a vast majority of skincare both prescription and pharmacy strength I decided to turn to natural products and to my complete surprise they became my best discovery.


Let’s start with Plantae Avocado Pear Eye Contour Cream.

This cream is unlike any eye-creams or gels I have ever used before. The rich cream goes a long way and the nourishing Ingredients including avocado pear, jojoba oil and which are rich in omega 3 great essential fatty acids to help hydrate and nourish the delicate eye area. This product delivers a massive hit of hydration to the eye area while protecting the skin. It is important to give moisture and nourishment to the eye area as it one of the thinnest and most delicate parts of skin on the face. The great paraben free cream made in New Zealand has become a staple morning and night. If my eye area needs revitalising I will tap it gently around my orbital bone, I generally use this after cleansing. I love this rich cream as it combats the effects of being out in the elements and my late nights catching up on me. This product is also handy in summer and winter when the skin tends to get stressed and under hydrated. I also love the affordable price tag and knowing that I am buying from a New Zealand brand.

Another favourite of mine is the delicious naturally fragranced Vanilla Bean Day Cream. Not only is the texture of this cream smooth and creamy but the light fragrance of vanilla has had a compliment or two from my friends. It’s the perfect summer fragrance. Because Plantae products only use natural ingredients and fragrances from organic extracts skin isn’t aggravated. This day cream is suitable for normal to combination skin  as well as sensitive skin. This luscious cream is packed full of nutrient rich Marlborough grape seeds which are the most potent in the world. They have a high level of antioxidants to help strengthen capillaries, reduces redness and lightens and improves the skins appearance and texture. I love wearing this after cleansing on my no makeup days to balance and rejuvenate my skin.  My skins appearance looks naturally a lot dewier and luminous and I have also noticed a change in texture with my skin. I can easily wear this under my makeup and it is very light and absorbent once applied.This day cream also has organic vanilla, jasmine, camellia, Shea butter and lemon balm which contribute to the beautiful light fragrance. This product also has the rich creaminess to it that many of the other Plantae products have. This also goes a very long way and these characteristics are what I find sets Plantae products apart from the rest.


You can’t have a great day cream without a fantastic cleanser and Plantae Bergamot and Orange Cleanser has been a god send. Using these products in combination as allowed me to step away from my flaky dehydrated skin and start enjoying hydrated smooth skin. A lot of people who suffer with acne especially the younger people think acne is because the skin is oily and will use harsh drying products when half of the time they will be experiencing these symptoms due to their skin not being hydrated enough. This cleanser is light and milky spreads on the face well and stays  on the skin to allow you to achieve a deep clean. The natural ingredients nourish and cleanse the skin removing dirt and fighting impurities and blemishes all while balancing the skin naturally using certified organic Ingredients.

My advice after going natural is never underestimate the power of nature and natural ingredients. I know only battle with a monthly dose of hormonal pimples and Plantaes formulas help keep my skin nourished, hydrated and have been improving the appearance  of my skin. I also love that Plantae doesn’t focus on one main ingredient. They take their time to research the best natural extracts and ingredients specific to the area of the face, type of product and skin type. The founder of Plantae carol priest has taken time to understand how different substances work to affect the skin on a cellular level and has been careful to select the best most powerful and natural extracts, antioxidants and nutrients. I cannot wait for 2015 as Plantae has told us to watch this space!!!

Have you tried any Plantae products? Tell me what your favourite one is !




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