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Valentines Day 2015 Gifts for Him & Her

Valentines Day
Valentines Day, the one day people hate, loath or enjoy ! For me it is a bit of both and being generally crap at gift giving my other half is either surprised completely (fluke) or  possibly underwhelmed. V Day the day where both halves of a new relationship are trying to get a non- awkward gift for each other that isn’t to creepy and for seasoned couples who aren’t sure if they should bother or not. Then theres the other side of Valentines Day where singles either cry into their wine and eat chocolate while cuddling up on the couch with their cat, or really simply don’t care. But no matter what everyone needs adorable love themed gifts and no matter if you have left it to the last minute I have complied some sure fire gift ideas for HIM and HER.

Valentines Day: Gifts for HER 2015

As Valentines is a gender bias commercialised event I have made sure to include some super cute gifts for your beau too. I am always getting stuck with gift ideas for guys no matter what occasion so hopefully these give you a nudge in the right direction. When doing this roundup I thought, functional, stylish and sophisticated. Even though my man loves getting cute photos and soppy love stuff I felt like he would appreciate it more if i got him something thoughtful and boyish. It is the thought that counts but if he can actually use it more than once, or wear it then it can be way more awesome because it will be the “something” that my girl brought me, we have to think about them long term feels. My partner loves wearing “the shirt you got me for… ” as an example.
Valentines Day: Gifts For HIM 2015

If all else fails make some food and have a snuggle, and if you don’t have anyone or anything to snuggle watch a soppy movie and drink red wine. Alternate option is forget about Valentines Day and its glorified status as the day where we show each other love and focus on being a cute b*#$! at all times and do thoughtful stuff and go on dates on a regular basis.
Personally I think Valentines Day is a wee bit cute but it shouldn’t be a day where we overcompensate for our lack of attention we pay to our partners, crushes, loved ones etc.
Tell me what you are getting for your partner ! I would love to know.
Happy Valentines Day Lovers ❤
Rochelle x


  1. I’m not really one for Valentines gifts so food and cuddle sound perfect. Sometimes I’ll make him a hilarious card with pictures or a story. Some stuff you can’t buy 🙂

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