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Get it Girl! Fashion ideas for Autumn / Winter 2015

Get It Girl Fashion Ideas

A new season, a new colour palette, a new trend. I am so excited for the autumn and winter months. Not because it cold and blustery weather, but because I love wearing scarves, layers and pants. I’m so in love with ponchos and capes which are definitely on trend this season, especially the more structured style of cape that has been featured in many runway shows lately. I am not the most fashion conscious person in the world but I make sure i have loads of essential pieces such as plain long tops, tights and cardis that can be mixed and matched in heaps of different ways. Layering for me is the most important tool to stay warm and look great during the colder months.

This post I have looked at statement pieces, essentials and accessories to brighten up the dull winter months. I have created three different looks that can be rocked in different places. I have used a combination of my personal style and some current seasonal trends that are coming through on the runway. My personal style involves a pop of colour I really hate feeling like a monochromatic grey blob. I like to stay away from baggy sweat pants and a Kathmandu jacket even though we all have those days where we like to do a homeless chic look! I love mixing and matching textures and colours and making do with what I have in my wardrobe. So without further a do I’ll describe the looks I have created.

Autumn 2015 Look 1

Look one is perfect for running errands and catching up with friends in the city for coffee, this look is a more autumn inspired one using oranges and being a little daring with the choice of bottoms, shorts! You could also add in some thick wool tights if you wanted to brave this look on a blustery Wellington day. Using base colours of navy and orange tones down the black elements, and just like a perfect interior design this look uses three main colours to keep things from being to busy. My favourite pieces in this look would have to be the beautiful vibrant scarf and the boots from ASOS both are permanent staples in my wardrobe and both scarf and shoe compartments of my wardrobe are bulging. I have matched this look with a bright orange blush and lush lip scrub as beauty elements for this look. I find I am always reaching for brighter colours to wear on my face during winter to make my face a little more bright and glowy. Not to mention I go into battle with my fragile lips during cooler weather so the Lush lip scrub is important to keep the dry and flaky symptoms at bay.

Autumn 2015 Look 2

Look two is a little more sophisticated and is a great example of creating an outfit that can be transformed from a day-to-night look very easily. I designed this look for a sophisticated and busy woman with a lust for gorgeous luxe accessories. The colour palette focuses on blues and forest greens which are complimented by gold and brown earth tones. I wanted to inspire layering bracelets and watches to make a “wrist gallery” which adds texture and focus to the look. I decided to pair many accessories with this look to show how you can mix and match certain accessories depending on the time of day. The gold tones come through in the accents of the Marc Jacobs watch, Hipnema bracelet which is simply divine and the flashy golden Number One glasses by Karen Walker eyewear. The beauty items matched to this look include the famed Bumble and Bumble Sea Spray which is great for creating a dramatic voluminous hair style, a textured braid or beach waves would work well with this lovely dress. I also added the Limecrime zodiac glitter as a beauty item to transition the look from day-to-night. This sparkly glitter eyeshadow creates a dramatic look and would work well with black liner and a nude lip.

Autumn 2015 Look 3

Look three is so versatile and sits somewhere between weekend fashion and a boho chic. Tassels, Lennon styled glasses, beads and a flowing cape make this look perfect for travelling, weekend activities and shopping. This look was based around this amazing navy coat with gorgeous detailing, boyfriend jeans and the divine Senso sandals which are in everyone’s must buy list at the moment. Accentuated with simple and classic accessories this look is so effortless and simple. I am in love with navy and I often find myself replacing black with a gorgeous navy blue to add colour and depth into an outfit. The tassels and beads are the only thing that create texture in this look so this is a create way to wear so wing that isn’t to bold. I love the nude and gold tones that come through this look, it’s a great way to bring a bit of life to dull winter skin without having to dig the fake tan out. Boyfriend jeans are also such a great staple, if it was a colder day I would suggest wearing some lace leggings underneath to be a bit different and add another bottom layer. I need the Karen Walker Orbit Filgree sunglasses that I have matched with this look, they are unique, gold and sparkly …. Umm what else do you need but that right ! These would look smoking with the Lord & Berry red black lipstick, it’s one of my favourite shades and adds so much fullness and drama to a great smoky eye. Both Butter London polishes would tie in the colours of this look especially if you did a gorgeous accent nail in the gold or got fancy and did some nail art!

In the end we don’t all have buckets of money, some of us don’t have the desire to follow fashion trends at all. A lot of these looks can and may be created with cheaper brands, different colours and stuff you already have lying around in your wardrobe. So go crazy, use this as inspiration, add colour to your wardrobe, play with texture and colour and don’t be afraid to try something new. If all else fails try your best and be uniquely you. I hope you have enjoyed my fashion post, so now go get it girl !

Let me know what you think and comment below.



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