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An Interview With Sarah of Greenleaf Organics

Greenleaf Organics

Eating health and supplementing your diet with highly nourishing vitamins and minerals is so important. But instead of taking vitamins and supplement we can be healing, detoxing and nourishing our bodies with delicious blends of fruit and vegetables that deliver a high dose hit of goodness. Greenleaf Organics Is an Auckland based company that have a gorgeous array of ever -changing and evolving flavours that will make you drool for their beautiful coloured beverages. Sarah Tanner OF Greenleaf Organics Believes that optimum health is a total package and it doesn’t just stop with the changes you make in the kitchen. With this philosophy the Greenleaf Organics Team have been expanding and growing while sending out packages to people on their journey to health and self-love. This groovy little business is one to keep your eye out for especially if your in Auckland.

I had the chance to speak to founder, boss lady and the ultimate Greenleaf Organics blend creator Sarah Tanner. I asked her a few questions about her business and her health and beauty favourites! Be sure to check out her website and ask any questions in the comments section !

What inspired you to start Greenleaf Organics? 

My daughter Stella. Nothing has inspired me more to live to my max potential and make a positive difference in the world.

What are three things you would recommend everyone have in their diet if they are looking to make a  healthy change?  

Green smoothies. People say they’re a game changer, I say they’re a life changer! My biggest request of people is that they choose organic produce. So important. You can always buy bulk at farmers markets and freeze what you don’t use straight away. Or, to make life easier, just jump online and grab some Greenleaf Organics blends!

Healthy fats. For too long people have been told that fat free is the way to go…and look at the mess it’s got us all into! Include avocados, coconut oil, nuts and seeds to get more into your nutrition. They fill you up, help you maintain a healthy weight and keep your skin glowing!

Bone broth. We make our own, which will soon be available in our new site. Again, essential for the ingredients to be organic and this stuff is like a super food in liquid form. Great for immunity, healthy joints, energy and endurance. Amazing for kids too!

Greenleaf organics seems to encompass a holistic view of wellbeing and self improvement, tell us about  your written affirmations for very order and why is this important? 

For me, optimum health is a total package. It doesn’t matter how physically fit or strong a person appears on the outside, if they have negative self talk or are an angry bundle of dark energy, then I see them as unhealthy. We not only work on the nutritional improvement for our customers but we work on the psychological dimension too. When you treat yourself well, with respect and powerful thinking, doors start opening and your life begins happening right before your eyes. Affirmations are a great way to start in the area of self love.

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If health is wealth, then this rich, hearty, 100% organic bone broth of ours makes you off the chart rich. We have been doing private deliveries for a few special customers that have varying ailments, from Hashimotos to arthritic discomfort...and the feedback has been so beautiful. We will have both our small batch chicken and beef options available soon for retail take home jars, in-store sippable enjoyment and online deliveries. Our promise is to always make it with 100% organic ingredients and pure NZ artesian water...and we like to leave in a few magic drops of tallow cos that stuff makes your skin literally GLO from within. Old school medicinal food for new age GLOsters.✔️

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Where can we order/ buy Greenleaf Organics Products ? 

Currently we are online and deliver throughout Auckland. We are soon to move to a bigger production and retail site, which will include our own organic café, and with the extra space we will be able to expand our deliveries throughout NZ.

Which Product range is your favourite/s ?

I love everything we make! I am really excited about the launch of our new cleanse, the naked cleanse, which includes a couple of new green blends, that I myself have every single day. There’s a couple more products I can’t wait to share too…you’ll just have to wait!

What is a mantra you tend to go with in your personal and business life? 

Be authentic. Always.

Between Instagram, your blog and work what else could we finding you doing/ involved with on a daily basis? 

Not much else fits into my life! Family is my priority and when I’m not working I am spending time with them. For time-out I head up to Cornwall Park or indulge in a yoga class at Urban Ashram.

What beauty/ health products are your go-to/ must haves/ favourites?  

Plantae Skincare (MY FAVOURITE TOO!) , Coconut Oil & Probiotics

And last but not least what are you plans, goals and ambitions for  the rest of 2015 (personal or business wise)? 

Lots going on at the moment…I just can’t wait for it all to come to fruition! x

Last words from The Greenleaf Organics Team:

Check Out our new range of products and our website at and follow us on Facebook or Instagram (seriously the photos are amazing)

Rochelle x

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