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Stop and Think: Personal Reflection

A lot has been going on in the last couple of months. I have been crazy quiet on the blog, blogging is more a hobby than something serious and life has got in the way.

Between my last proper post on the blog and now, so many exciting and wonderful things have happened in my life. Today I am writing this post to stop and reflect on my achievements and milestones in this time.

I have finished my degree finally! This has been such a long process and it has had its highs and lows. Yes I have cried, been ripped to shreds, stressed beyond breaking point and created successful prototypes and work in so proud of. I have made friends for life and have enriched my life with so much knowledge. I am so proud and relieved to be finished my degree which I will graduate in December. When I was doing my degree the work was the most daunting thing, now in fact it is thinking about the future, my next step, a new chapter, finding a job or creating one. Studying has been true most rewarding and necessary evil in my life so far and it’s crazy to look back and say that I’m done.

I have been lucky enough to on holiday to Fiji in the beautiful Yasawa Islands. I have such a love afair with Fiji and this years trip was the third time I have been. It is so nice to go to an island and immerse yourself in a culture that surprises you every time, to be surrounded by people that have such a different way of looking back at the world and how they work as a community. We always go somewhere out of the way to get the proper cultural experience. We did so many amazing things on holiday like going to a local church ceremony, hanging out in the local village, drinking kava, going diving in the blue lagoon caves, going on  beach picnics, hanging out with family and eating way to much food! On the first day of my holiday my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years proposed to me with champagne, tropical fruit and the most beautiful ring!! I was so taken aback and the proposal was perfect I get all fuzzy whenever I tell the story! Its scary that my whole life is whizzing past and I feel like I am growing up so fast but Im so excited for what the future holds for us both and it made the holiday an extra special celebration of family.

 I got a new job, which means I am now juggling two! I love a challenge and I love to learn and having two jobs is equally rewarding as it is challenging. Working in retail and working in an office are such different scenarios but I’m putting my skills to good use and I’m being kept on my toes. It will be great to find a place of work i am truly invested in so hopefully that is right around the corner.

After the engagement comes the wedding, so I have been busy with my fiance wedding planning. I think I could do this for a living! It is so exciting and fun, I have loved scouting for venues picking colours and trawling pinterest for ideas. This is the first creative project I have sunk my teeth into after finishing my degree so it has been great coming into something with so many ideas and passions after so long. There is still a lot to get done though but everything is coming together so perfectly. I thought planning a wedding would be stressful but so far it hasn’t been too bad and I haven’t t turned into a  bridezilla just yet!  I love creating and planning our special day with my fiance. The best part about it is designing my own invites !!
Then there comes all of the exciting ideas that come to me while I am on holiday or in the shower or organising my wedding. I am forever thinking about clever business ideas and I am currently in the process of investigating and researching a little gem that floated to me in the shower last month! Apparently most of our best and absurd ideas come to us in the shower! Ps if your a wedding, beauty of cutesy notified vendor please get in touch my idea involves lots of cute bits and pieces. I’m sure I will report more on this idea later!

Overall this month has been a whirlwind and a half, it has been exciting and challenging and busy. hopefully I can blog a bit more now if there is one thing I have realised every girl needs her hobby and something to immerse herself in besides from work play and sleep.

Watch it for more blog posts soon!

Have a great weekend.

Rochelle xx

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