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Taking a Leap

I have been extremely quiet on the blog as of late, this has been a combination of a lack of creativity and trying to focus my energy on finding opportunities in my work life.

So a holiday in Melbourne with my fiancé to attend some family events turned into me missing my flight to New Zealand and starting a job.

This has been a crazy whirlwind of a couple of weeks, from struggling to get anything full time in Wellington to be working in Melbourne with an incredible job is amazingly overwhelming.

Looking back to last Tuesday when I took the bull by the horns I realise I need to take more leaps of faith and undertake a risk every once and a while. My fiancé and I realised that there is never a “right” time to do something like this, we had been putting the idea off and then come back to it for so long. On this visit we realised we were going to make the move but had no idea a job was going to present itself and make the move much more faster than expected.

Meanwhile I am enjoying the stunning weather and culture of Melbourne, learning how to catch a train and tram with my miki card which is like a snapper card and navigate the city. All while missing my fiancé and dog like crazy and jumping into my job with full force.

So always remember to take a risk, take a chance and stop making excuses for your own happiness, future and plans you may have. There is never going to be a right moment to move countries or make a big life decision you just have to do it.



  1. Definitely agree ! I have just recently started a new job as well although it was less hours than I desired but it appeared to be the perfect job in my opinion that combined my current and previous skills and experience in an industry that was slightly/kind of related to the industry that I want to get into!

    I was definitely not expecting to get it (or be the only person they interviewed/met! hehe :D)

    Good luck on your new journey! Can’t wait to read all about it! (if you’re going to be sharing! ^~^)

  2. This is so exciting – great news re. your job! I’m sure you are going to have such a rewarding career 🙂 Well done!!! Definitely can relate to the blogging creative bucket drying up…but trying to actually take care of self first and allowing things to flow a bit more naturally 🙂 Plus starting to be picky and a perfectionist helps 😛
    Kershia (Catwalk Cult)

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