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Attitudes & Expectations in Career Progression

After reading an article about this generations attitude towards work, reality and general expectation featured on the Business Insider (Click to Read Here)  made me realise a different perspective of my generation and working toward a career goal. I realised that while some people in my generation have a despicable ethic towards work and carry their false sense of entitlement there is also the other side of the coin.

I studied design and marketing and a lot of people around me think I should automatically be working at a large design firm making a reasonable amount of cash, That I should be on my way to been some sort of super designer working on massive projects and having a big name.

I think for all the twenty somethings like me we are stuck an interesting position. Some people think we should automatically have flashy jobs because we have a 40 grand student loans and we sacrificed 3-4 years of our lives to study our passion, and then there’s the other people that think we’re not trying hard enough or that this generation is lazy.

The truth is  that it’s tough out there in the workforce. It is highly competitive and challenging. As students we may miss opportunities and learning activities outside of study that could help us get ahead. Personally I undertook a degree that wasn’t vocational enough to serve me outside of the realms of studying. I didn’t realise at the time but know I am finished I have developed my design thinking  and strategic planning, I don’t have enough real  industry standard skills to back it up.

While I want to be working on big projects with developers and designers creating and designing beautiful, meaningful and psychological interior layouts, or having my own beautiful stationery design company I just don’t have enough skills to jump into that right now.

The Point of telling my story is this it’s not about pleasing anybody else, it’s not about automatically being in the position with the job that you want to be in, but it’s also not about putting yourself down that you’re in a job that might not necessarily serve you the correct purpose in your journey.

I’m working in luxury retail right now and to others that might be so far from the type of design job I want to be working in. To be honest it’s teaching me something more valuable than some design program.  It’s exposing me to a whole range of different people that I’ve never dealt with before, it’s teaching me a different way to communicate with people, more attention to details and that sometimes no matter how hard you try someone might still be disappointed.

So in summary even if you feel like you’re so far away from the goal that you strive to achieve at least you are still being active and motivated and not stagnant in your journey.

No matter what you are doing even if you don’t realise it now you are learning something valuable, you are. In the long term it will pay off. Learn what you can from any situation, get inspiration from any environment and don’t forget the end goal that you have on sight no matter how far away or close it may be.

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