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Weekend Playlist My Top 10 Tunes

Hi Guys! I Have been insanely busy with: uni work receiving lovely products to try out scoring a new pair of boyfriend jeans at a second hand boutique drinking Kale Juice with my sister. So I decided to Chuck together a quick playlist of my favourite songs on my Itunes at the moment to get you and me through the weekend. You may not all appreciate my taste of music but it has a little bit of everything. Advertisements

Quick Healthy Snack At your Desk in 10 minutes!

Ever in need of a delicious and filling snack while your on the go? This simple combo will keep you full for hours and give you the fuel to power through your workload! This snack doesn’t require cooking for hours on end, just a little bit of mix and combine and serve. I always struggle to eat when I am on the go especially something healthy, tasty and easy. So the following idea is a great healthy way to snack.

The soul book project

I have been terribly slack this week I am getting use to my university life again an he new responsibilities of being a blogger. This week I decided to start The Soul Book Project. I have been seeing heaps if great and inspiring stuff being posted through social media. Quotes are so powerful and I always want to share that with friends. I thought what better way to share wisdom, inspiration, positivity and encouragement than through something special an handmade.