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My Skincare Routine: Au Naturel

A few posts ago I told you that I was going to share with you my skin care routine and what I put on my face this is that post! I What I use primarily on my face is the beautiful and natural Trilogy Advanced Skincare Range.I have a history of bad skin so for me it is to really important to look after my skin in a holistic way. The Trilogy Advanced Skincare Range is perfect for this as it treats my skin with natural ingredients, slowly fades my scars with rosehip oil and isn’t harmful to me as it has simple natural ingredients and not tons of chemicals.

June Favourites

Today I will be talking about my seven favourites for this month. I am not a fan of winter and neither is my skin! Temperature change and Wellington weather really takes its toll on my skin and I. Here are the products that save my skin from being devilishly dry and sensitive.