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Greenleaf Organics

An Interview With Sarah of Greenleaf Organics

Eating health and supplementing your diet with highly nourishing vitamins and minerals is so important. But instead of taking vitamins and supplement we can be healing, detoxing and nourishing our bodies with delicious blends of fruit and vegetables that deliver a high dose hit of goodness. Greenleaf Organics Is an Auckland based company that have a gorgeous array of ever -changing and evolving flavours that will make you drool for their beautiful coloured beverages. Sarah Tanner OF Greenleaf Organics Believes that optimum health is a total package and it doesn’t just stop with the changes you make in the kitchen. With this philosophy the Greenleaf Organics Team have been expanding and growing while sending out packages to people on their journey to health and self-love. This groovy little business is one to keep your eye out for especially if your in Auckland. I had the chance to speak to founder, boss lady and the ultimate Greenleaf Organics blend creator Sarah Tanner. I asked her a few questions about her business and her health and beauty …

#brunchclub Wellington Meetup February

The Blogging community in New Zealand is a tight knit community of girls and boys that help each other out, read each others blogs and share the bucket loads of knowledge about everything blog. So when I heard that there was a #brunchclub brunch scheduled to go down in Wellington I just knew I had to go. I scooped up a ticket and it came around fast by gosh I was so excited and nervous being the first on I had attended.

Quick Healthy Snack At your Desk in 10 minutes!

Ever in need of a delicious and filling snack while your on the go? This simple combo will keep you full for hours and give you the fuel to power through your workload! This snack doesn’t require cooking for hours on end, just a little bit of mix and combine and serve. I always struggle to eat when I am on the go especially something healthy, tasty and easy. So the following idea is a great healthy way to snack.

Wishlist Wednesday

Everyone has a list. I have a list of all of the nail polishes and fragrances I want, all of my goals, the places I would like to go in the world… I am adding one more to my collection of lists. My Wishlist Wednesday will be a curated list of all the things I need, want and wish for in my life. No not flashy cars and a holiday house somewhere in Italy, this is a list of more attainable wants beauty, design, food and fitness related. So here is the first instalment of Wishlist Wednesday.

Winter Wellness: Juicing at Home

Winter is not my particularly favourite time of the month. We tend to get run down and pick up viruses and colds more. But never fear the juice is here. I have been feeling under the weather lately, it seems all of the late nights and long hours at uni have caught up on me now that I can finally relax! After receiving fruit and veggies from friends going away and buying more produce than needed at the Sunday Markets it was time to take action!